EdTech Trends Will Advance Education in 2015

There are few if any classrooms in the United States that use chalkboards anymore. Most classrooms now use SmartBoards or IPads and they rarely use hard cover books. Education is beginning to use more; mobile technology, the cloud and apps. Options for how students learn must adapt as what they will need to know when they leave school changes. There will be new EdTech Trends released in 2015 to help classrooms meet these adaptations in the lms software industry.

Personalized learning is opening up in the classroom with greater availability of data. Teachers will be able to track their student’s progress on lessons, see which sections they spent the most time on and which were the hardest for them to complete. Having this information available to them, the teachers can then adjust their methods. The instant feedback will tell them how much each student understood and know which need one-on-one to further help them.

Wearable Tech:
It has not been determined how much this technology will help the classroom yet, but it has the potential for a promising future. The smart watch, with motion and pressure sensors is proving beneficial for activity based learning. If the smart watch has the same effect as the smart phone, wearable tech may become an everyday part of student life.

Online Learning:
The benefits of online learning are just being realized by schools. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are pretty much established in the higher education levels and just now being introduced at the high school level. This next year will see more use of both traditional and ‘help-outs (hocs) courses.

Blended and Flipped Learning:
Blended learning is the combination of online teaching with classroom instruction. Flipped learning is where the student learns on their own time with content typically provided by on an educational video. This opens the teacher up to be able to focus on areas the students are having trouble with and provide individual help if needed. Giving different students different lessons in the same classroom opens up a mastery style of teaching where the student must prove he or she has mastered an area before the teacher moves them along.

Public domain site such as; Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and many other site have made sharing easier. Teachers can now share their ideas and students can share their work, making collaborative opportunities for both. LMS will be the best way to share what you learn. Technology is going to provide great opportunities for collaborative work between schools and within the classroom.